cause i was born to tell you i love you.

and i am torn to do what i have to, to make you mine.


[ lucy. 20. college girl. fangirl. big city lover. trying to figure out what to do with my life.
my dream is a driving road trip across the usa. dying to meet jared padalecki.
shopping. supernatural addict. movies. music makes me happy. ]

i love:
jared padalecki
jensen ackles
lauren graham
gilmore girls
adam brody, adrianne palicki, alexis bledel, alice cullen, america, arielle kebbel, autumn, bathory, beauty, bela talbot, bella swan, ben barnes, big sunglasses, books, california, cannes, capslock, carlisle cullen, chocolate, christmas, city life, clothes, coffee, cosmetics, cullens, dean forester, dean winchester, dean/rory, dean/sam, doctor zhivago, dvds, edward cullen, emile hirsch, emma watson, english, fall, fashion, films, flickr, flowers in the attic, foreign films, france, français, gaspard ulliel, gilmore girls, goo goo dolls, graphics, hair, hans matheson, harry potter, heath ledger, hilary duff, history, horror, horror movies, icon making, icons, impala, internet, into the wild, j2, jacquou le croquant, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jeremy irons, john winchester, johnny depp, josh holloway, jsquared, , kate beckinsale, katie cassidy, keira knightley, lauren cohan, lauren graham, libraries, lifehouse, lipgloss, livejournal, london, lord of the rings, lorelai gilmore, lost, lotr, love, luke danes, maggie grace, manhattan, marion cotillard, mediaeval, mediaeval baebes, meg masters, metallicar, michael scofield, michael/sara, milo ventimiglia, money, movies, mp3, music, narnia, natalie portman, new moon, new york city, nickelback, nicole kidman, paris, photography, piano, pirates of the caribbean, potc, prison break, rachel mcadams, reading, rory gilmore, rory/dean, sam winchester, sam/dean, sandra mccoy, shoes, shopping, simple plan, sleeping, soundtracks, spn, stephenie meyer, stock, supernatural, taking photos, the chronicles of narnia, the girl next door, the o.c., tom welling, trailers, travelling, tv shows, twilight, twilight series, usa, v.c.andrews, vampires, wallpapers, wentworth miller, winchester brothers, winchesters, winter, youtube,